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St.Clair is the author of Light-Seeds and designer/creator of the crystal resonators.

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May 17th, 2015 – A St.Clair/Radiant Zones Network presentation for the May 2015 Scorpio Moon International meeting. Presentations were given by gold expert Egon von Greyerz, astrologer Ray Merriman and German astrologer Antonia Langsdorf.

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Radiant Zones Network – Applied Economics & Astrology 2012-2020

St.Clair Talks 2016: March Equinox 2020

In this video commentary St.Clair suggests that we will see more of the changing paradigm influencing the World. Astrologically the worst is behind us. Between 2016 to 2020 a new energy will affect Europe and the World moving beyond the geopolitics of the last few years into a necessary planetary paradigm change. By the March Equinox 2020 we will see a reset where we will go into a whole new different existence. The influence of change can be felt in the World right now.

Topics: The Great Karmic Reset with Saturn In Scorpio, debt redemption, 2015 – 2020. Diving Into the Shadow Worlds – Saturn In Capricorn – The Great Karmic Test / and after 2020: A Different World. This is explained in greatest detail in our free 2014-2021 Outlook

RZN (Radiant Zones Network) is a perennial trove of wisdom with actionable current updates – created in February 2010 – and has since attracted the aware ones, so as to exchange actionable advice for a time when things are not always knowable. As St.Clair states: “The unknown is our specialty”.

“Don’t come here
because you are afraid,
but because you are brave!”

“As a transmitter-receiver, or medium, I have accepted the commitment to bring clarity to confused and fragmented information.”

“The spirit of the invisible world taught me how to stalk the unknown, to seek out uncharted territory, to remain hidden in plain sight, while I watch, see, listen and observe…to discover new places and then to take this information back to the people moving towards this reality.”

“I explore the dangers and find solutions. I see the risks and the opportunity inherent, and I do not mind experiencing the hardships and find a way through them with the least effort. When a community has to survive, it is vitally important that they can apply the least effort to attain the most balanced sustenance, psychic as well as physical.”

(Quotes from LIGHT-SEEDS by St.Clair
- elaborated & applied in RZ Network – )


Welcome to the RZ Network, where St.Clair publishes exclusive up-to-date information, on a weekly basis, with new perspectives, advisories on real time economy, advanced astrological timing reports, resources on Radiant Zones creation, networking, etc. – through a secure access within St.Clair’s futuristic crystal website. St.Clair offers a unique service to subscribers for a one time only 2,000 Euro payment!

You can subscribe to St.Clair’s RZ Network using the above PAYPAL button to send 2,000 Euro one time only contribution and join a growing network facing a world in chaos – or “Contact St.Clair” to send your subscription via Bank Transfer. St.Clair also accepts two ounces of gold. The RZ Network contains decades of exclusive research and resources, once one has access to the vast libraries refunds are not applicable. No refunds for any reason.

This service includes St.Clair’s timeless perceptions based on precise astrology and St.Clair’s extensive knowlege in economics, banking (from the inside) and from his well-informed special sources around the world. St.Clair’s advice covers 2011-2020 and beyond.

St.Clair’s gift is to synthesize and summarize what is taking place now, as he shows you how to apply his advice into the ‘future’. Logging into the RZ Network you enter a world guided by the master.

As 2020 approaches and the interplanetary dimensions shift – both in geo-magnetic and cosmic spiritual terms – it is important to see clear and make in-the-moment decisions – a gift St.Clair has brought to those clients who implement his advice.

The RZ service reaches clients, families and friends, no matter where you are. St.Clair has prepared for his work over three decades. His ground-breaking service began in “Aries New Moon” 2010 and is now home to those who wish to create a “Future Worth Living.”

If you would like to know more, Contact St.Clair … or Subscribe Now!.

Once you have been given access and confirm that you have this private privileged access to this vast volume of knowing, which has taken many years of study to bring together in its current format, there are no refunds for any reasons, be aware of this please.



A small group of leaders in world affairs & experts in international finance met with futurist St.Clair in Catalonia to look at our future, astrology, gold & macro-economics in relation to the ongoing human challenges we face as mankind. The purpose of this high level conference was to network among like-minded individuals in a rural retreat by the sea, and to give an outline of what is to come, and what to do about it. Read more about the ForeSight 2020 Conference!


Outlining St.Clair’s 2015 Select Meetings with professional Astrologers, business colleagues and interested parties. Scorpio Moon Narratives Revealed is a Notebook of interest to different fields of study from Astrology to Economics. St.Clair writes: “I am not asking anyone to “believe” what I say. I suggest that together we suspend disbelief. The key to open up grey areas or blind-sided spots we all have is to say we don’t have to BELIEVE anything we discuss here, but entertain the idea that we have located some solutions for our future. Let’s see if they can work.”

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