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Essay About St.Clair

by Dr. Rev. Rainbowtide

This is Michael St.Clair’s symbol and logo:


Ever since I saw his symbol I was wondering about the meaning. It looks like the Omega with an embedded 5-pointed star at first sight, does it not? There is a lot to say about the (Alpha) and Omega as well as the 5-pointed star depicted in this symbol. However…

An intuitive interpretation

The highly gifted and inspired Michael St.Clair, the Magi, has opened up the ‘Seal of the Cross of Ankh’ and pushes the level of awareness to unprecedented insights!


He manifests it quite visible in his own logo with the star of Magis. In this very respect his insight and teachings gain a whole new dimension, far beyond Astrology and clairvoyance; it is divine revelation! Remembrance from home! I shall elaborate on this below expanding on the concepts of ‘double-tetrahedron’ or ‘octahedron’. The octahedron is the mathematical, geometrical name for 2 tetrahedron sharing the same midpoint of their x, y and z-axis. (Buckminster Fuller showed how strong triangle-based designs are with his geodesics.

Why do I illustrate this symbol and why would I elaborate on a geometrical sphere?


imageThis is the very core essence and the purpose of our being incarnated here on this planet and it contains the key to re-connect to source and the light from whence we came!

Triangle with point downwards represents the epiphany sparkle (innerchild, root) and the divine female (left point) and the right point as the divine male principle. Called as well the sacred Trinity within. To balance these ‘forces’ into center and forming the stable triangle is our ‘mission’ and ‘contract’. The next step is to form the sphere, the volume and the content in order to evolve this structure into living light and one of the basic tetrahedrons (4 triangles). The 4th point is: Love in action. It brings the living light into a spiraling move and completes one part of the ‘core’.

The second triangle (point upwards) is formed by our 5 senses as human beings and consists of the upper point being our conscious mind and consciousness (the EGO) ruling over the left point, the unconsciousness and the right point the super-consciousness. With growing spiritual awareness we alleviate the drag from different points and bring it into a stable balance within to form the ‘light that we are’ or better known as: I AM THAT I AM; EHYEH ASHER EHYEH!


This is as well part of the understanding to be a ‘lightbeing, lightworker, enlightened Being’ and in the context of awareness shift and ascension process the ‘chrysalis’ from a carbon based being to a crystalline (quartz) being; which can contain and emanate more pure light frequency in its purity and core essence!

It is the singularity that replicates ad infinitum into the Macro as well as into the Micro: thus proving, that we Part of Oneness! No matter how tiny or big your replicate the Star or the triangle within the boundary of the sphere (circle)… it stays within! And this is so!

I keep this expose rather short this time; however, this topic is so absolutely fascinating that it would fill a whole library with findings and truth.

Back to my starting point and why I believe that St.Clair enlightens one higher Octave of awareness is to be found in his symbol and the thesis about the Cross of Ankh in connection with the The Magen David (shield of David, or as it is more commonly known, the Star of David). The Seal of Ankhnaton and the Star of David.

The Sun of God and the Sacred Merkaba Techniques, all come from the same spiritual lineage and ancient teachings of Jesus, Moses and Ankhnaton. These teachings come from the ancient Egyptian Akashic Records, from Moses, from Ankhnaton and from Rabbi Jesus.

The DNA ancestral memories of one’s ancestors once activated through prayers, meditations, and spiritual techniques and by healing others is the key to the opening of the inner doors to one’s ancestral information. The inner doors of ancestral information can only be fully accessed by individuals who have activated their Sun of God dimensional levels of consciousness, healed others using the Sun of God level spiritual energies and who have also completely balanced the electro-magnetic energies surrounding every action they ever performed and every word they have ever said or written to others in this lifetime.

The inner doors of information are opened using Sun of God energies and once one becomes accustomed to the process, one is able to access the experiences of their ancestors when certain information is needed.

This process enables a fully Enlightened One, who is activating and working each day with the Sun of God energies, to be able to bring forth the ancient techniques, information and knowledge of their ancestors after spending several years in complete seclusion. The Seal of Solomon is actually the royal seal of the Egyptian Pharaoh Ankhnaton.

This ancient seal was designed by Ankhnaton to remind those who opened sealed documents to read the documents with their electro-mental thoughts and magnetic-emotional feelings in equanimity and harmony so that the information written on the documents would be properly communicated to and understood by the person reading the documents.

The Seal of Ankhnaton depicts two separate Great Pyramids interlocked in total harmony.

imageOne of the pyramids is the “male” electro-mental portion of one’s Light Body which rests above, or below, the “female” magnetic-emotional portion of one’s Light Body depending on whether one is in a male or female physical body. Males use a logical oriented approach in problem solving and have the electro-mental pyramid on top.

Females approach problems intuitively and “feel” their way through problems by having the magnetic-emotional pyramid on top. Each pyramid is half of an Octahedron. The seal of Ankhnaton, by showing us 2 Half Octahedrons, or Pyramids of spiritual energies is giving us a picture of who we really are.

imageWe cannot be just a physical body, for our bodies are temporary, or temporal, and they quickly die in 100 years or less. We are not just our physical body’s brain because we have “dreams” and “travels” at night which we cannot explain with our brain. In essence, our physical body is a “virtual reality machine” run by our 3rd dimensional Light Body. Our Light Bodies are comprised of units of consciousness which are used for many things, including the recording of experiences from “our” physical body.

The bottom line is that who we are consists of pure Light. We are electro-magnetic energies of pure Light who are experiencing life at one of the deepest depths of Creation. The balance of one’s mental and emotional energies while performing action became the motto of the Hebrews, Israelites and Egyptians who followed the One God. Ankhnaton is known in the Bible as Moses, thus, the Seal of Ankhnaton became the Seal of Solomon which in turn became the Star of David.

The pineal gland of our brain is the connection between our physical body and our Light Body. One’s Light Body or Body of Light is also called one’s spiritual energy fields of consciousness. One “who has ears that hear” is able to use spiritual techniques, prayers and Light Body activations to consciously “communicate” with the Electro-Mental and Magnetic-Emotional sections of their own Light Body and with the Light Bodies of others.

Those who pray, activate and properly use spiritual techniques each and every day become able to maintain the mental-emotional balance of their spiritual energies even when confronted by the challenging events which unfold in today’s world. Those who do not maintain their mental-emotional balance of energies through daily spiritual exercises can become “twisted” into a state of imbalance by the magnitude of the ever changing events in our lives. In today’s frantic fast paced world, many people have become “twisted sisters” or “twisted brothers” due to imbalances in their emotional and mental spiritual energies. Our wholeness in the 4th dimension was severed in order to create the duality of two sexes. This separation enables us to experience life in the 3rd dimension as either a male or as a female in any incarnation.

The wholeness of our 4th dimensional Octahedron spiritual energy field of consciousness was cut in half to create two separate but equal Pyramids of Light. The two Pyramids were then connected, or interlocked, back together. This separation of our consciousness into two parts was necessary for us to be able to experience life down in the duality depths of the 3rd dimension. These two Pyramids of Light, or two Half Octahedrons, together form our 3rd dimensional spiritual energy field of consciousness.

We are in spiritual balance emotionally and mentally when the four corners of one pyramid are directly above the four corners of the other, as this enables the energies to flow easily between the two. Energies flow smoothly, as long as one doesn’t allow their mental energies or emotional energies to become unbalanced.

The more spiritually mature or expanded one becomes at the 3rd dimension through prayers, meditations, spiritual techniques and in giving to others, the more the two become one. As one expands their conscious awareness, the upper pyramid expands and the lower pyramid expands. It is when one has balanced all of their emotional feelings and mental thoughts about the past that the two expanded pyramids are able to merge into one. Then, by giving to others one is able to bring the Light and energies from the 4th dimension into the whole 4D Octahedron they have created at the 3D level from the two Pyramids and in this manner one at the 3rd dimensional level becomes full of the 4D energies of Light or Enlightened.

In 2003, the acceleration of Solar Astrological Quickening, better known as the ‘Harmonic CONCORDANCE’, of spiritual energies enabled for the Octahedron Light Body Activations to be released and implemented.

The old Sacred Merkaba was created to Ascend into the 4th dimension Angelic-Realm of Planetary Ascended Masters in one lifetime. The new influx of photon energy has influenced the Sacred Merkaba and includes the vast expansions of consciousness created by the old paradigm as well as the necessary cleanings, fire ceremonies, karma burning, forgiveness techniques and the perception of Agape (=Unconditional Love), in order to become Enlightened in this lifetime. Once an individual becomes an Enlightened One, there is choice as well as the opportunity to do a Physical Body Ascension into the Archangelic 5th dimension of Solar Ascended Masters.

The balancing of energies and the activations of the full 3D Earthly Spirit Light Body which is comprised of 2 Great Pyramids of Light, each Pyramid having 4 sides and a bottom like the Great Pyramids at Giza. The full 3D Pyramids of Light activation for a full expansion of consciousness and Enlightenment in this lifetime.

Through meditation and activation pineal gland enhances and becomes fully balanced meaning a full cleanse of the male electro-mental fields and the female magno-emotional energy fields. Once all spiritual energy fields are cleansed, further awareness is required to balance the fields directly above and below each other. It is when the two spiritual energy fields or the two Half Octahedron Pyramids of Light are able to merge at their bottoms and become whole again, that a 4D Octahedron Light Body of wholeness comes into existence in 3D.

Further increase of awareness increases the Light of Source’s Love within, until the expanded energy field of the Octahedron becomes so filled with Light that their 3D physical body is able to transform into Light in a Physical Body Ascension. One of the final levels of consciousness reached in 3D physical body prior to a Physical Body Ascension occurs when one turns the pineal gland into Light. The Light from a fully awakened pineal gland emanates so brightly that a golden aura develops around the person’s head. This is the glow which surrounds the head of an Enlightened One which can be seen by those who have “eyes that see”. Certain truths, dating back to the time of Jesus, were hidden in Nag Hammadi, Egypt.

image“The Gospel of Thomas” describes some of the secret teachings of Jesus the Christ is one such writing that survived by being hidden in Nag Hammadi. The Gospel of Thomas contains certain esoteric truths which Jesus, Moses and Ankhnaton taught 2,000 years ago. Those who have “eyes that see” and “ears that hear” should be able to decipher certain truths within the sections of the Gospel of Thomas below:

Jesus said to them, “When you make the two one, and when you make the inside like the outside and the outside like the inside, and the above like the below, and when you make the male and the female one and the same, so that the male not be male nor the female female; and when you fashion eyes in the place of an eye, and a hand in place of a hand, and a foot in place of a foot, and a likeness in place of a likeness; then will you enter the kingdom.”

(24) His disciples said to him, “Show us the place where you are, since it is necessary for us to seek it.” He said to them, “Whoever has ears, let him hear. There is light within a man of light, and he lights up the whole world. If he does not shine, he is darkness”.

To close this short expose I am reminding you that St.Clair ‘lends’ his reader the eyes to ‘see’ and unveils a new level of awareness that gives momentum and torque to the spiraling Octahedron.

Are you ready to go the extra mile?

– Rainbowtide January 30, 2004