St.Clair filming his new “FORESEEN 2013″ documentary series. FORESEEN – St.Clair World Conversations

Clif High – St.Clair Webbot Predictions

Clif High and Michael St.Clair discuss issues reported from the web bots issued at www.halfpasthuman.com

This is part one of a 9-part video

Interview with Michael St.Clair

GaiamTV conducted a one hour long interview with Michael St.Clair. Check it out: CMN’s Interview with St.Clair

St.Clair 2010 Part 1 – Inner Worlds and Part 2 – Golden Future

St.Clair 2010 – Inner worlds video presentation continues to expand beyond his Project Camelot Chillon Interview. St.Clair expands his written work by applying real solutions to a dying world. Crystals and plants are an essential part of his of Radiant Zones. In December 2007 Michael St.Clair began creating pure works of Art. Crystal structures as complex tools – St.Clair Star Resonators Combine quartz, amethyst, and citrine crystals with turquoise, obsidian, rosequartz, agate and granat – these hand held creations of star magic are crafted to powerful planetary alignments.


Timeline Radiant Zones

Kerry Cassidy & Bill Ryan of Project Camelot – tele interview with Michael St.Clair discussing unfolding events, creation of Radiant Zones, new economies, Looking Glass, changing futures, time lines, Sarah Palin, predictions, 2012, co-creating a beautiful future on Earth. NewMindTech Video shot November 21 2008 during severe hurricane.

Regina Meredith talks with St.Clair – Oct. 2010

The following clip is a preview of an interview between Regina Meredith and St.Clair

St.Clair: Future Clips

The following clip is an excerpt from an upcoming interview between St.Clair and Regina Meredith of Conscious Media Network.

Conscious Media Network Talk with Michael St.Clair about the St.Clair Brief – key factors of his RZ Network:

The soul connection – reconnection hubs. Nature is demanding a flight-path adjustment and wont take ‘no’ for an answer. That adjustment is: Become active in your own development!

For ten years St.Clair said that 2012 is another Y2k .. the real challenge facing mankind on Earth is the next 100 to 200 years. The Mayans did not say that mankind would transform or be destroyed in 2012. From an astrology perspective 2011 to 2111 is all about change and St.Clair explains why Radiant Zones, advanced Earth ships and economic / resource / agricultural cooperation will be the norm rather than the exception.

Resources are the number one factor in all circumstances where people live. St.Clair gives an overview of the most important personal resources everyone should have or invest in. Countries will have to redefine ‘economy’ .. where astrology does play a part, because the influences are about radical economic change untill 2020 when the economic Radiant Zones will sail the oceans of tomorrow with ease and confidence.

More St.Clair clips at NewMindTech Youtube channel. Newest works at StClairCrystals Youtube channel.

St.Clair Talks: Elven Oracle – Astrology of Changing Structures

St.Clair Talks 2016: Elven Oracle – Alliances of a New Planetary Federation

St.Clair explains the changes ahead in astrological context of Saturn, Neptune Pluto & Uranus. He sees a new technology of humanity ahead and generally the next ten years’ astrology is getting gradually better. Nations will opt for self-organizing structures and out of blocs. Putin invited Europe for a new economic space. It will take up to 20 years for new structures to come into place.

St.Clair Talks 2016: Neptune Saturn 2026 Reverse Current Trends

St.Clair Talks next ten years: 2016 – 2026 Neptune Saturn Reversal.

In the next 10 years the Astrology of Neptune Saturn will create a reversal of current events taking place from 2016 – 2026. Economics and migration together with government (Saturn) are affected by the astrology of the Planets over the next 10 years.

St.Clair Ahead: Egon Talks To Friends – Future Risks

A Radiant Zones: Friends for friends production. Egon von Greyerz talks casually with Sheila to a small group of friends at Costa Brava.

St.Clair Ahead: Talks Donald Trump 2016

Master Astrologer Michael St.Clair Talks Donald Trump 2016

St.Clair Talks 2016: March Equinox 2020

In this video commentary St.Clair suggests that we will see more of the changing paradigm influencing the World. Astrologically the worst is behind us. Between 2016 to 2020 a new energy will affect Europe and the World moving beyond the geopolitics of the last few years into a necessary planetary paradigm change. By the March Equinox 2020 we will see a reset where we will go into a whole new different existence. The influence of change can be felt in the World right now.

Face To Face With St.Clair

We look into the mathematical astrology based / psychological dynamics in the making for the coming three decades from the point of view of the human, and from a vantage point of the global players.

Meeting St.Clair – Mediterranean 2014

Most people feel that given the issues ahead, they need to go into some sort of survivalist defence mode — and this is wrong Aikido, wrong approach. You attract what you aim for. We show that by projecting power and thinking positively, we are able actually to thrive even in most adverse external circumstances. We guide clients into a changing energy field until they see how they can enact win-win strategies which serve their community. In this area we address ancient zen rules of the I-Ching.

St.Clair 2014 – The Big Picture

St.Clair gives advanced & applied astrological outlook for the world ahead, way beyond 2020 into 2045, pinpointing Singapore as a safe gold storage haven, as well as future center for world gold trading… Explaining world affairs into the coming years of the great Re-Set.

In the following video Interview – Michael Chaplin will discuss his legendary father’s (Chalie Chaplin) Gypsie heritage and discusses his new film documentary “Caravan’s Trail” where he will explore his father’s true background story – and he speaks about his self sustained Radiant Zone farm in rural France. This is a riveting special talk, where St.Clair gives more astrological background to the times ahead – and with Michael Chaplin stating: “I am an optimist!”

A Conversation With Michael Chaplin

In the first part of St.Clair’s conversation with Michael Chaplin it becomes clear that Snowden’s revelations are nothing new… fear of the “unknown” has been a major part of human behavior and mindset for thousands of years!!

Michael Chaplin – eldest son of Charlie Chaplin – talks openly to St.Clair about his new mystical novel “A Fallen God” – a historical thriller set in the 12th Century in the Cathar lands – published at Amazon Kindle.

See: http://newartsent.wix.com/michaeljohnchaplin

Conversations with Kim Castells – Atlantean Tibetan Spiritual Technology


Michael St.Clair introduces his new documentary series FORESEEN 2013 with an astrological outlook into 2020 and 2026, looking at the progress of the time keeper planet Saturn, and explains the Rune Consultation reading performed in part 1 by Kim Castells in his Catalan star gate home.

Conversations with Kim Castells – Magician Dali / Runes

In his new series of documentary films — FORESEEN 2013 — Michael St.Clair interviews Kim Castells, renowned interior design architect and landscape photographer in his magical setting – the library containing 4,500 ancient original books – above his star gate home in the Catalan Pyrenees. Kim Castells – a gifted linguist – explains his hidden role as chief investigator of European secret societies and his research findings as to the knowing practiced by many masters such as Salvador Dali, his prior neighbor.

Nordic Astrology 2011-2111
Adventures in Time-Travel

Spring Equinox 2011, while Japan was hit by the nuclear tsunami, St.Clair filmed eleven time travel segments, showing a Mediterranean Radiant Zone, timeless, and he talks about the Nordic Civilization; ecology, climate changes; astrology 2011-2020 Uranus-Pluto; ending nuclear power; creative solutions; the future technology, and what we must do now to live intelligently while the earth changes are happening. Watch this 2-part video, a thrilling account of what happens when we must adapt to new plans. With absolutely stunning original imagery, by the stormy seas, in this new piece of art video.

St.Clair’s VideoBlog – Future Clips

St.Clair’s Interviews

St.Clair Future Clips is a series of videos started in 2006 which chronicles interviews and features about the economy, astrology,the financial situation, 2013, climate changes, Radiant Zones, and how we as a small network will make it through the coming changes in one piece and at peace.

St.Clair has talked to Project Camelot in 2006 and 2008, to Conscious Media Network in 2009 and 2010, and with Ruben del Muro in 2009 in the acclaimed documentary of two hours, The Master of The Light. He also spoke on two occasions with Clif High about the future viewing methods, and with George Noory about his visions for our future – in an acclaimed performance.

In October 2010, in the Pyrenees, St.Clair talked to a series of friends in his network, foremost to Johnny from Sweden about what the economy is doing, and how we ought to prepare by buying gold and silver. Watch the video in two parts with Johnny and St.Clair. It has it all summed up in a short presentation, inviting you to join our network.

More such videos… Future Clips – by St.Clair – with the key notions of earth changes, tipping points, gold & silver rise, and more, will be shown here on this page in 2011. Stay tuned with and share this page link. Up next will be the astrology of 2011-2012 with Pluto in Capricorn and Uranus in Aries, by St.Clair.

Johnny & St.Clair on Economics

Johnny, the young Swedish economist who writes in the Radiant Zones Network discusses with St.Clair the impact of the financial situation world-wide, what it really means, how long it will last; and the two address concrete solutions and steps of how to disengage form the system. Johnny gives very important key facts and figures to consider, and he states: “This is the beginning of the end. Up to each and every one of us to decide what we must do. We are wasting our economy and our planet. This is not sustainable.”